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Europa (moon) - wikipedia, Europa's trailing hemisphere in approximate natural color. the prominent crater in the lower right is pwyll and the darker regions are areas where europa's primarily. Bbc news | europe | russia plants flag under n pole, 1) north pole: russia leaves its flag on the seabed, 4,000m (13,100ft) beneath the surface, as part of its claims for oil and gas reserves 2) lomonosov ridge: russia. Growth versus value performance - american century, Investors need to look beneath the surface to understand the increased gap between value stock dividends and growth stock dividends..


The galilean moons of jupiter the galilean moons of jupiter, The voyager spacecraft took the first close-up images of io more than 300 years after the moon's discovery. the images showed a surface with no signs of craters from. How bad is the radiation on mars? - universe today, Image taken by the viking 1 orbiter in june 1976, showing mars thin atmosphere and dusty, red surface. credits: nasa/viking 1. Huge 'ocean' discovered inside earth - live science, Scans of earth's deep interior reveal a vast water reservoir beneath asia that is at least the volume of the arctic ocean..


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